A New Show Every Month at Most Wanted Fine Arts as part of Unlblurred along the Penn Arts Corridor.

Spaces Unbound with Caldwell & Thorp

New photography and drawings kick off the December Unblurred at MWFA. Caldwell Linker and Sam Thorp challenge the traditional notions of space and boundaries. Caldwell explores the atmospheric effects and psychology of rooms we choose to live in. And Sam Thorp creates life size portraits that break with traditional uses of negative space, resulting in a very engaging contemplation for the viewer.
Beer Samples by Rockbottom Beer and music by Stranger Convention will fill out the evening.
Exhibition runs from: Friday December 5th to December 28th, 2014.
Opening Reception: Friday 5th of September 7pm- to 10pm

Visions: an exhibit of positive energizing life affirming paintings by Lauren Toohey and LinZy Miggantz

lauren toohey, pgh art, gallery, visionary, paintings
Lauren Toohey and Linzy Miggantz create a spectrum of positive energizing life affirming paintings. LinZy Miggantz is a visionary artist who has suffered from crohns disease for many years. Through the use of cannabis oil, sacred geometry, art and colour theory/therapy LinZy has found life again. Linzy wishes for the viewers of her art to be instilled with the same energy and feeling that she had while creating her art, by transporting them to that sacred space within her that is filled with beautiful prismatic toroidal structures and subtle energy fields. Lauren Toohey is a Pittsburgh based artist, whose quirky, bright paintings are often biographical, depicting the odd circumstances of her life with little pink birds and whimsical characters. Here work moves from colorful acrylic character work to spiritual watercolors.

Underground Gallery: Forest for the Trees: art by Kai Devenitch and Dale Capellanio

Dale Capellanio and Kai Devenitch have eclectic styles. Enter a forest, see through a tinker’s goggles, get lost in a collage of color and technique, and explore the realms of nature’s power. Kai Devenitch is a graphic designer and resident artist at Most Wanted Fine Art, who is continuously working on t-shirt designs, posters, murals or paintings to expand his artistic horizons. Dale Capellanio has been an artist his whole life with a broad range of imaginative artistic ability’s including painting, costume accessories, and fun interesting objects with a specialty in sculpting.

Pittsburgh Society of Artists Small Works Exhibition at MWFA

a juried exhibit of members’ work no larger than 12”x 12. PSA consists of more than 350 artist members living within a 150-mile radius of Pittsburgh and are creators who use all varieties of visual arts media.
Wine available from Wilhelm Winery 6-9p Free Samples, wine by the glass and the bottle for purchase. 21+
Free Rock Bottom Brewery Beer while supplies last 9:30-11p, 21+


Stuff N Such Society
5015 Penn Ave BASEMENT: 6pm to 11pm free event
Know News is Good News
A shrine dedicated to the dying newspaper industry built by D.S Kinsel and sponsored by Pittsburgh City Paper. The audience is invited to enter the sanctum of information and immerse themselves in a fading mode of information exchange through consumption of print. With the push towards a paperless society, serious challenges being faced by the industry, and new waves of information exchange, D.S Kinsel has canonized this mode of media.


MWFA All Stars and Resident Artists as they open the doors to their newest space. Displays include art by: Jason Sauer, Darrell Kinsel, William Wright, Sam Thorp, Kai Devenitch, Shawn Farester, Jason Woolslare, Dante Lombardi, Nina Sauer, Jamie Sauer.

plus an extra special Bizarre! Bazaar! installation by Dr. Morose & Miss Macabre's House Of Oddities featuring the art of Macabre Noir, Nick Noir, Sara Ford Cocco, Rachael Deacon, and more! Saturday, April 12th 9am- 10pm
gallery, homestead, waterfront, most wanted fine art, pgh, art
Free Beer Samples provided by Rock Bottom - Pittsburgh While supplies last, must be 21+ and have valid id.
143 W. Bridge Street E3, The Waterfront Homestead PA (next door to the GAP).
Keep updated with events and calls for art

April 11- Word Circus

Presented by the Chatham MFA Creative Writing Program is a monthly reading series features a mix of poetry and prose writers from Chatham and welcomes YOU to the Open Mic. (and it's free) from 7:30pm to 11pm at Most Wanted Fine Art.

April 6- Herencia Africana

A celebration of African heritage in Latin America through food, live music, dance, and art. (And it's free) from 12pm to 3pm at Most Wanted Fine Art, or visit www.CafeConLechePGH.com

April 5- Free Tech Talks & Eco-ILL-Logical

Free lectures from technology pioneers. From 12pm to 5pm at MWFA.
Followed by: Eco-ILL-Logical A salon styled installation focused on creative individual interpretations of the term “illogical ecology”. Futuristic garments and audio/video performances. From 7:00pm to 11pm.

April 4th- Unblurred: GAGI Fest 2014

The Geek Art and Green Innovators Festival invites the best of eco, technology and the arts to showcase their people and unique projects on Penn Ave Arts District for the 5th year. In Addition to the full Ga/Gi schedule MWFA is bringing you 3 days of fun! Free events happening Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
gagi fest
Aaron Shafer, Jason Woolslayer, and making his Pittsburgh Premiere, Boston based artist, Brian Kane . Cosponsored by Choderwood B&B.
In The Basement, There's More:
Pixelated Perversions - The Art Of Wright Williams: Ink Jet And Homemade Dye Prints Of Sacred Erotic Whimsy.

March 22nd.- Free Snake Poems

We cordially invite you to witness the culmination of our collective masochistic desire to toil in obscurity forever: FREE SNAKE POEMS ABOUT SNAKES

1. Your free snake poem is free and (at least arguably) a poem and about snakes
2. You give zero fucks
Fueled by some booze or other. There will be costumes. There will be face painting. There will be actual snakes. You might see a penis.
In the world of snake poems THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES.
March 22nd. 7pm

March 21- Word Circus

Presented by the Chatham MFA Creative Writing Program is a monthly reading series features a mix of poetry and prose writers from Chatham and welcomes YOU to the Open Mic. (and it's free) from 7:30pm to 11pm

Rarefied Vibes for March Unblurred

Featuring the works of Alysa Sheats and John Shook, owners of the Graphic Cellar in Plum PA. With this special exhibit the pair of mixed media artists seek to expose the viewer to a spirituality experience from various cultures and nature.
art, airbrush
Musical Performances by
Uke and Tuba, Pittsburgh's Finest Ukulele/Tuba Band and Stranger Convention, “NuJazz”, a fusion of adult contemporary hits with a tribute to jazz.
Newly Renovated: Stuff N Such Society
March 7, 2014 6PM TO 11P
DECORATUS CURIOUS by Sara Ford Cocco, award winning licensed taxidermist and owner of Decoratus Curious Antiques and Oddities, in Downingtown,Pa. Turns taxidermy animals into dramatic sculpture pieces with the use of doll clothes and imagination.
March 7, 2014 6PM TO 11PM Free Event

February Unblurred: Darkness Peering- The Art of Noir & Scullio

Sometimes you peer out into the darkness, sometimes the darkness peers into you. Steph Sciullo and Macabre Noir bring you an exhibit of artworks that seems to dance between dainty and disturbing.
mwfa, pittsburgh, music, performance, stage, Kabarett Vulgare, horror
Macabre Noir is a gothic cabaret performer and artist breathing life into odd mixed media artworks and curiously morbid fine art dolls. Steph Sciullo is a self-taught artist who creates challenging and highly original mixed media works that are often grotesque and beautiful.

The show will also feature performances by Pittsburgh's premiere sideshow/burlesque troupe, Kabarett Vulgare; a bastardization of Weimar era cabaret and traditional American sideshow.

Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy with Sara Ford Coco

Licensed taxidermist and owner of Decoratus Curious Antiques and Oddities, Downingtown,Pa.; Sara Ford Coco will teach you the basics of the fine art of taxidermy in this hands-on, start to finish, no experience necessary, one day workshop! The class is 5-6 hours long with all supplies and intensive instruction included in the cost of the class....and you will leave with your own completed mount at the end of the workshop!
Feb 8th & 9th.
For more information and to purchase tickets: click here.

January Unblurred Opening Reception for the Month Long Exhibit, “MWFA ALL STARS”

Most Wanted Fine Art brings you a group show to highlight our bright shiners and introduce you to new shooting stars.
mwfa, pittsburgh, music, performance, stage
Also on display see Whoa Buddy! -- An award-winning app developed by The APP EXPO during the 2013 Steel City Codefest presented by Google and Pittsburgh's Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Allow THE APP EXPO's Bill and Jackie to metaphorically slap the smart device out of your hands in order to run scan disk on your soul and free up some gigs on your metaphysical hard-drive in order to make 2014 your most productive year ever!!
Music provided by “RECLUSE” at 9pm and Ambient Music and Live Art from “WHEN THE PLANETS” at 10pm

IN THE BASEMENT THERE IS MORE! Stuff N Such Society "The Art of Collectible Culture"

Opening Reception for “Darth and Dolls”
Local 20+ artists transform childhood relics into art for “Darth and Dolls” an art show sponsored by Pittsburgh Clockshop. Porcelain Dolls and plastic Darth Vadar Head Cases get the treatment in the final show for the pop culture space Stuff n Such Society. Take advantage of insane sale prices in January!

Danimal Lector

Dec 20th. $10, doors open at 7pm
mwfa, pittsburgh, music, performance, stage, daminal lector

Christmas with Krampus and Pandemic 8 year Anniversary

Opening Reception for the 2nd annual
“Christmas with Krampus” group exhibition with winter devils on the prowl. Plus Pandemic celebrates 8yrs of foot stomping good times with "MATRYOSHKA". Music provided by the University of Pittsburgh Carpathian Ensemble.
mwfa, pittsburgh, art, fine art, krampus, xmas

Steel City Academy of Burlesque's Bustin Out

They've been learning it, creating it, shaking it, moving it, and now they're ready to BUST OUT! Instead of a graduation walk, these ladies are doing their graduation SHIMMY! On Saturday, November 16th, 2013 the ladies graduating Macabre Noir's Bawdy Art of Burlesque 101 will be taking the stage to get their diplomas!
mwfa, pittsburgh, art, fine art, burlesque

House of Oddities Film Premiere

This is at the hollywood but we are major sponsors of the event: Filmmaker, Brian Cottington, releases the official first screening of his feature length documentary, House of Oddities: The Story of The Atrocity Exhibition at 7pm on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont. FB Link

Celebrate the Seven-Headed Birkensnake!

There are still 2 chances left to own the book Flavorwire calls “one of the most beautiful literary magazines” and "One of the Year's Coolest Literary Magazine Innovations" the rare Birkensnake 6. @Most Wanted fine art on 11/22 & 11/24. FB Link
Come celebrate the release of what flavorwire calls one of "the coolest literary magazine innovations of the year" and listed as "top 12 most beautiful literary magazines"!
Birkensnake is an irregularly published, imperfectly bound collection of fiction. Fiction! Paper! Thread! It is exactly what you want in your lifeboat.
Last year, Birkensnake’s editors, Brian Conn and Joanna Ruocco, invited seven pairs of writers, strangers to each other until they signed on to the project, to each guest edit their own version of Birkensnake Issue Six. The resulting seven versions of the issue are stranger and more fabulous than anyone dared to dream.
Only 150 copies of each version of Birkensnake 6 exist. On the Birkensnake 6 Gallery Tour, you can see the seven versions of Birkensnake 6 on display—each version designed by a different bookmaker/artist—and walk away changed forever, with your very own copy of one version of Birkensnake Issue Six in your satchel.
But copies are available only at gallery events, and only available to those who choose to participate in the public readings at the galleries. Come to Most Wanted Fine Art ready to read aloud from the Birkensnake volume of your choice. Limited readings during opening on First Friday Nov 1, Saturday Nov 2 (7pm-8pm), Friday Nov 22 (7:30-10pm), & Sunday Nov 24 (11am-3pm). Due to limited number of copies readings are first come first serve while supplies last.
Pittsburgh artist Jason Sauer's illustrations for the Birkensnake 6 “Wild Conformations” issue will be on display and distributed as coloring pages to fill in and make your own.
Flavorwire listed the forthcoming Birkensnake 6 as "One of the Year's Coolest Literary Magazine Innovations" because it will feature seven different versions of the magazine created by seven different pairs of editors. They also listed it in the top 12 most beautiful literary magazines.


October Unblurred

Opening Reception for the Month Long Exhibit, “Wild Life” New works by Jason Sauer, Nina Sauer and Ryan Dunmeyer. The wild side of nature is interpreted by a demolition derby driver, gator wrassler, and work at home Mom. Paintings, Photography, and Mixed Media works on display. Music Performance by “Kansas Dan and his Rugged Angel”, “When The Planets”- ambient music from the kuiper belt, and the epic jams of Grand Snafu. Wine by the Glass by Wilhelm Winery. 7pm-9pm
mwfa, pgh, art, performance

Stuff n Such Society

A collection of Halloween themed art from the zany cast at the Graphic Cellar! With works from Alysa Sheats, Masha Fikhman, Jeanne Sheats, Richard Hower & John Shook.
stuff n such society, graphic cellar

PGH Art Car Festival

mwfa, art car
The Pittsburgh Art Car Festival is a free 4-hour art car exhibit and community event with the focus on street legal vehicles that artists have permanently altered. This year’s event is held on Saturday Sept 28, 2013 from 12pm to 4pm, with a procession of cars from pen nave to the closing party at Station Street Dogs. These are not parade floats or puppets; the unique aspect of this medium is that they bring art every day to the city streets.
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/153855128151548/


Nine fine artists communicate in parallel at Most Wanted Fine Art the first Friday in September during Unblurred. Gestures: the Fine Art of Non- Verbal Communication has been curated by Sam Thorp and will feature top local artists: Kyle Anthony Adams, Ren Burke, Mark Dobosh, Masha Fikhman Mia Donna Maneer, Anne Michelle Lyons & Katie Lynn Moran. Each artists will have expressive displays communicating a variety of thoughts and feelings.
sam thorp, MWFA, Art, Pittsburgh
Wine tasting by Wilhelm Winery and music by Grand Snafu will fill out the evening.
Exhibition runs from: Friday September 6th to September 29th, 2011.
Opening Reception: Friday 6th of September 6pm- to 11pm

Down Stairs in Stuff n such Society
Opening Reception for the Month Long Exhibit, “Portraits of Mathilda Negley”
Dante Lombardi sees the humanity in his city streets. The urban landscape comes to life in his paintings with bold lines and color, transforming a view of neighborhood into a portrait of a woman he loves. Dante Lombardi was born in Pittsburgh and gathers inspiration from his local neighborhood, Garfield. The former street artist uses spray paint, acrylics, and markers on canvas to capture the feel of city murals and the vibrant urban vibe of graffiti culture.

Books! Reading Glasses! and MORE Books!!

August 2, 2013 6PM TO 11PM Free Event.
Opening Reception for the Month Long Exhibit, “Ex Libris”
"Ex Libris" is Latin for "from the books". In a tribute to book lovers, this exhibit binds together the delicate paper cuts of Kathryn Carr and the rigid metal sculptures of Shawn Farester to tell a story of love and devotion through medium manipulation. Carr presents detailed hand cut book plates along side Farester’s literary inspired Book stands, book ends, and large abstract statues.
Musical Performance by Stranger Convention at 9pm. Stranger convention is “NuJazz”, a fusion of adult contemporary hits with a tribute to jazz. The result is an innovative sound.
Wine by the Glass by Wilhelm Winery 7pm-9pm.
Downstairs in Stuff N Such Society, "The Art of Collectible Culture"
Opening Reception for the Month Long Exhibit, “Framed: Eyeglasses and Art”
Penn Avenue Eyewear is an independent Pittsburgh based retailer committed to designing stylish prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses. PAE presents an exhibit highlighting the works of 14 established artists, each incorporating a pair of PAE frames into their piece. All the artwork will be auctioned off to support The Homeless Child Fund. PAE believes that eyewear reflects your style and personality - much in the way an artists’ work expresses their motivation. By bridging the gap between style and art we hope to create a discussion about our lives behind the glasses. Featured Artists include Jason Sauer, Eanna Holton, Steph Sciullo, Dante Lombardi, Macabre Noir, Bella Sin, Kai Devenitch, Kahmeela Adams, Rich Jackley, Laura, Petrilla, Ande Marsh, Darrell Kinsel, Sam Thorp, and Nina Gibbs*
Book Lovers Take Note!
August’s “Unblurred” includes another great book themed event, The Little Book Fair.
The Little Book Fair is a one-day celebration of the vibrant small-press and self-publishing community in Pittsburgh. There'll be books, comics, 'zines, poetry, and prints aplenty. Dedicated to fostering community and dialogue amongst independent artists, small publishers, bookstores and readers, the Little Book Fair hopes to create a welcoming space for lovers of print. The Little Book Fair will occur Friday, August 2 from 6-10 PM at 113 North Pacific Avenue during the Unblurred Gallery Crawl in Pittsburgh.

Sunday July 28: Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project presents Best of Screening

A few weeks ago Pittsburgh area filmmakers were given a prop, a character, a line of dialogue, a genre and 48 hours to make a 4-7 minute film. Those Films have been judged by film professionals and the winners will be announced. Join us for the excitement.
The winning film will go up against films from around the world at Filmapalooza in 2014. With the top 12 screened at Cannes!
7:00 pm at The Hollywood Theater, 1449 Potomac Ave. $8 General $6 Students/Children/Seniors. Purchase them here: http://www.48hourfilm.com/en/pittsburgh/?l=en

Sat. July 27- Magic Organs Presents: #L2D2

most wanted fine art
a multi-disciplinary live and direct mixtape of creative energy. The salon style exhibition aims to provide artists and audience a space to exchange creative energy. The exhibition will feature various performers falling under the categories Sight and Sound. Each of the performers will be enhanced by the natural on the spot collaborative effort that happens when artists perform simultaneously.

You can still see the show from Cleveland

A gallery walk through from The Waterloo Arts Fest in Cleveland. MWFA represent!

July Unblurred- Conversations: 5:10

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Group Show Curated by Graham Shearing
A group show initiated by the current Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, in conjunction with the 102nd Annual at the Carnegie Museum as well as engaging membres of the AAP. The chosen works encorage a discussion between the artist and the viewer, based on the content of the individual work, aiming at the form of unblurring. This show of small-scale works addresses the idea of the conversation piece as a contemporary phenomenon.
July 5, 2013 6pm-11pm.
Wine samples by Wilhelm Winery
Musical performance by Grand Snafu at 9pm.

Rustbelt Rivalry Continues

The Rustbelt Rivalry is an annual art event where artists from pittsburgh & Cleveland compete in creative challenges including live art and a group art exhibit. See artwork from the Cleveland artists in the basement.
Plus see Stuff n Such's growing collection of pop culture treasures on display and for purchase.

June 29th: MWFA Represents!

Once again our team of FINE artists will be returning to the Waterloo Arts Fest. Gallery show and live competition painting against artists from Cleveland and Detroit. waterloo, collingowood, cleveland, detroit MWFA, Art, Pittsburgh
The festival is free. Come out and show your support. More info: http://waterlooartsfest.com

June 13th: Team Night @ PNC Park

baseball, pirates, sports, MWFA, Art, Pittsburgh

Saturday, June 8th: Open Mic Hip Hop Night

rap, hip hop, open mic, MWFA, Art, Pittsburgh


JUNE 7, 2013 6PM TO 11PM Free Event
Wine by the Glass by Wilhelm Winery
Musical Performance by Grand Snafu at 9pm.
Hiromi Katayama’s art addresses the Japanese perspective of nature and how that perspective has influenced her own history. A simple cherry blossom can invoke intense memories of Japan for the artist thus becoming an iconic symbol for her culture. The use of traditional Japanese painting techniques, pigments, materials, wooden panels, and paper allows the viewer to build a connection to the culture and thus Hiromi’s personal background. The paintings imagery illustrates the resiliency of nature as well as that of the people of Japan. Hiromi shares with you her wish to exist with nature and culture in a harmonious relationship.
Michael Galone is owner of and Tattooist at Tattoo Noir, which was crowned Best in Pittsburgh by City Paper in 2012. There he paints flesh in a way that reflects a traditional Japanese style. His off hours are spent in a pleasant exercise of effort and ingenuity as he practices the ancient art of Bonsai. The art form of sculpting mini trees will be on display along side his allegorical oil paintings of nature. Filled with surrealism and renaissance techniques Galone’s paintings ring of Dutch and Flemish influence while examining modern life and the complexities of human interaction.


June 7, 2013 7PM TO 10PM Free Event
Professional Tattooist, Josh Suchoza, brings you silly nonsense. Nothing is going to be deep or meaningful, or express his emotions, “ain't nobody got time for that”. Plus see Stuff N Such’s always growing collection of pop culture treasures, which will be on display and for purchase.
"I Pretty much just draw and paint fun silly things that I like. Some of it really doesn't make that much sense, but it makes me laugh. I just like making fun art, the world has enough problems, I really don't need to talk about them in my artwork. Nothing is going to be deep or meaningful, or express my emotions, ain't nobody got time for that."
josh suchoza, MWFA, Art, Pittsburgh


MAY 3, 2013 6PM TO 11PM Free Event
Kansas Dan performs at 8:30pm Bill Earl 10:15pm
Lady Luck has a pair of aces. Two women exhibit new works influenced by the golden age of America and love. Professional Tattooist, Kate Burgess is a hopeless romantic whose whimsy and idealism seeps into her traditional tattoo style. The art translates beautifully whether on paper or skin. Laura Petrilla captures the essence of people on a daily basis as an editorial and commercial photographer. It is with her personal project that she channels classic 50’s style photography and transform the modern day pin up girl into a flashback for the future.
kate burges, MWFA, Art, Pittsburgh

IN THE BASEMENT THERE IS MORE! Stuff N Such Society "The Art of Collectible Culture"

Opening Reception for the Month Long Exhibit STEEL CITY SECRET CINEMA II – 80’S HORROR
MAY 3, 2013 7PM TO 10PM Free Event
Steel City Secret Cinema presents new pieces from a dozen local artists, with a 1980s horror film theme. Funds benefit The Hollywood Theater in Dormont as well as The Toonseum in Downtown Pittsburgh. Artists include Matt Ryan Tobin, Gwen AP, Kelly Blevins, Kristopher Boban, Adam Chizmar, Dave D’Incau Jr., Matt Denton, John Galo, Emily Gwynne, Michael Koehler, David Slebodnick, Seth Storck, Jordan Taylor, and Jonathan Trueblood. steelcitysecretcinema.com

The GA/GI Festival comes to MWFA

Opening Reception for the Month Long Exhibit
Professor John Lysak and the Edinboro Print Department
April 5, 2013 6PM TO 11PM Free Event
Artists created imagery specifically for the exhibition, using the themes of the Ga/Gi festival, such as robotics, digital media, green technology or eco-friendly and mind-expanding art. Some of the processes used include photolithography for digital and hand drawn images, water based screen-printing, relief printing, letterpress printing, linocut, woodcut or intaglio printmaking. Most of the artists in the exhibition are creating their prints using hand-made fine art techniques or papers from sustainable fibers such as cotton and bark from harvested trees for an Asian aesthetic.

Edinboro print


April 5, 2013 7pm to 10pm Free Event
Opening Reception for Global Game Jam Art.
Concept Drawings and Posters from Games created during The Global Game Jam.
Friday Night view the Game Jam Art and on Saturday (12pm-4pm) you can play the games!!
The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest event of its kind, not a competition but collaboration. The focus is on game development. It is the growth of an idea that in today’s heavily connected world, we could come together, be creative, share experiences and express ourselves in a multitude of ways using video games – it is very universal. All sites worldwide are challenged to design, develop, create, test and make a new game in the time span of 48 hours all based on the same theme. In 2012, 242 locations in 47 countries created over 2000 games in one weekend and became a Guinness World Record! http://globalgamejam.org/

Stop by Most Wanted Fine Art and Play actual video games created in just 48 hours! Meet and Greet with game designers and organizers.

Thursday March 7th- Pittsburgh Rahnd Table Debut Reading

Founded in the summer of 2012, the Rahnd Table is an ragtag group of fiction writers who conduct a fortnightly writing workshop in Bloomfield. Come hear the first public reading of our manuscripts-in-progress. Refreshments and libations will be served.

March: Fit to Print & Pittsburgh Punks

We have two floors of art for your eyes to feast on. In the fine art gallery of Most Wanted you will find Fit to Print a showcase of master printers and down in the basement we have the lowbrow art of Pittsburgh Punks who made art for animal friends. Plus musical performances by Tyler Cottington, The New Knees, and the world's greatest Grand Snafu!

February brings Convergence

MWFA presents the Work of "Derelict" Donnie Toomer and Andrew Rabb.
most wanted, painting, gallery
Plus another amazing live performance by Kabaret Vulgare and Grand Snafu.
Free. Friday Feb 1. 6-11pm.

Downstairs Sutff n Such Society

All's Fair. An Artistic Look at Love & War. Group show.
most wanted, painting, gallery, stuff n stuch

Jason Sauer at Raw

Thursday Feb 7th at Cavo.

most wanted, jason sauer

Check it out

January kicks off another year of talent.

The best and the brightest at MWFA.
Most wanted fine art
And Downstairs:
Have your portrait drawn for charity at Stuff n Such Society this January.
Local artist Sam Thorp will be drawing live and on the spot to benefit the Pittsburgh Women and Girls Foundation. The mission of the Women and Girls Foundation is to achieve equality for women and girls, now and for generations to come. (wgfpa.org) Sit for a portrait and help out a great cause.

Plus artwork on display by the MWFA's International Stars: Sylvia K. (Italy) and Sarina Meester (Netherlands).
Art and an amazing assortment of collectables and memorabillia this January at Stuff n Such Society.

December opens the Doors of Perception

The Doors of Perception, an exhibition of new mixed media paintings by Gary D. Owens and Kristofer Work. Owens mines daily life in order to tap into new perspectives of old things, while Work's vision tunes in and drops out in a blur of stretching blobs and trippy colors. Exploring the transitory and subjective nature of perspective--from the kitsch to psychedelia--the show will also feature a musical performance by Planet Deep.

Move over St. Nick, here comes Krampus! Swing by the Stuff N Such Society to check out Christmas with Krampus and The Art of Collectible Culture. Interpreting the legend of Krampus--aka The Christmas Devil, who according to alpine folklore accompaned St. Nick during the Christmas season to punish mischievous children, the new show features timely work by Danielle Bartone, Sam Thorp, Jim Kappernaros, Jessica and Dan Franklin, Steve “Pittsburgh Punk Rock” Cetra, Katie Moran, Nina Sauer, Josh Suchoza, Mike Galone, Kathryn “Go Carr Go” Carr, Jamie Sauer, and Tara Helfer. Expect a special visit from Krampus himself, warm up with hot chocolate, make your own ornament, and shop for nostalgic collectibles in the gallery's market.
Both Shows are Free! 6-11pm

November is A Year In A Life

"A Year in A Life" new works by Nina Sauer and Ryan Dunmeyer Ryan Dunmeyer, fly fishing guide, reptile biologist, and ex gator wrassler, will be showcasing nature photography taken through the course of his adventurous day.
Nina Sauer explores the grandeur in small daily moments through a series of mixed media pieces.
Artworks by Mary Sauer also on display.
Free Wine Tastings by Wilhelm Winery.
Musical Act TBA 9pm FREE Event

A Whole Most Wanted Weekend!

October is Most Wanted Fine Art's 5th year Anniversary!

Friday Oct 5th. Jason Sauer, John Lysak, and Scott Frish present PRESS KINGS!
Music by In the Wake of Giants. Free wine tasting by Wilhelm Winery.

Rust Belt Rivalry continues!!

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland battle of the artists! Check out MWFA Stars vs. Cleveland's hot art talent!
Just down the street at Garfield Artworks! Friday 7-11pm during Unblurred!
cleveland vs. pittsburgh

Saturday Oct 6th. Vehicular Abstraction!

Most Wanted Fine Art in conjunction with The Penn Ave Arts Initiative and the monthly gallery crawl Unblurred, turns Penn Avenue and Winebiddle into an outdoor car sized art gallery, with the event Vehicular Abstraction.
For more details, check here.
Most Wanted photo in Post Gazette
Cart art write up in Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Made the Short List in the City Paper.

Sunday Oct 7th. The Most Wanted International Stars at the GLCC

MWFA Alumni: Jon Howe (UK), Gemma Allan (Scotland), and Sylvia K. (Italy) will be showing work at the Pittsburgh GLCC. Sunday from 6-9. More info and directions here.

International Affair for September

10 minutes
Once again Most Wanted brings the most exciting talent to Penn Avenue. The new show, “10 Minutes”, will feature the work of Carina Wachsmann and Martina Biccheri. “10 minutes” presents the human body as a design in space but also a portion of time. The obvious intimacy of the subject matter hopes to break the viewer from their daily meditative state to look into and beyond the image to consider what can be done in 10 minutes time. A good conversation? A passionate kiss? A life altering decision? Maybe, all that, and more.
Also on view, Sam Thorp will be presenting the newest series dealing with peeling back the layers and the act of revealing ones- self.
This is an exciting opportunity to see new talent from around the world. Wine tasting by Wilhelm Winery will fill out the evening.
Exhibition runs from: Friday September 7th to September 28th, 2011.
Opening Reception: Friday 7th of September 6pm- to 11pm
Martina & Carina
Aug. 2012

Effigies-New and classic works by Macabre Noir and Danielle M. Bartone.

Both women create 3 dimensional pieces that examine Archetypal Females. Macabre Noir creates odd mixed media artworks and curiously morbid fine art dolls including specially designed series of Saints, Sirens, and Goddesses exclusively for this exhibit. Danielle M. Bartone uses her printmaking and sculpture background to create objects out of construction materials and textiles that explore the pressures to adhere to societal defined roles and stereotypes.
Grand Snafu Performs at 9pm. Kabaret Vulgare* performs at 10pm
Free Wine Samples provided by Wilhelm Winery
*Kabaret Vulgare is a classic American sideshow in a Weimar cabaret format. Glass walking, burlesque, blockhead, human pin cushion, and rogue music ensemble. Performances by: Macabre Noir, DeVille, Gypsy, Penny De La Poison, and Phat Man Dee. Also:

Stuff-n-Such Society

Opening Reception for Wizzywig Creator, Ed Piskor.
Rolling Stone Magazine has called Ed Piskor, “The Next Big Thing”. The Pittsburgh Native has a new book, a signing at The Toonseum, and now during August’s Unblurred, his first ever art exhibit. Ed Piskor has spent most of his twenties drawing comics, graphic novels and animation. He started off drawing American Splendor comics written by Harvey Pekar, leading to the duo producing two graphic novels together, Macedonia (2007), and The Beats (2009). Since then he's designed the art for an Adult Swim cartoon called Mongo Wrestling Alliance, of which an entire season aired in 2011. Now Ed has a new graphic novel out, his first solo effort, called Wizzywig, based on the life of a notorious computer hacker living through the history of high technology. Stop by the Stuff N Such Society during August to see the art of Pittsburgh’s hottest Graphic Novelist.

Oct 2012

Do you own an art car?
Have you decked out your whip to the point its a work of art?
We want to see your master piece on wheels!
Find out more here:

July 6 2012 6-11pm


Three unique artists bring a dark carnival of art & music to MWFA. Mia Donna & Anne Michele Lyons combine their photography talents to make you gasp but wanting more evil sexy dolls or fiendish clowns. Performance by Traveling Sirkus Days at 8pm. Frank Knezevich presents his turn of the century cigar box guitars and will also rock the crowd, performing southern voodoo rock with Grand Snafu at 9pm. Second band TBA at 10pm. Plus enjoy wine tasting at Wilhelm Winery.

June 30, 2012

MWFA Stars at the Waterloo Arts Fest in Cleveland, OH.

Congratulations to Lauren Toohey for her victory in the "Rust Belt Rivalry" Art Battle

See artwork by Jason Sauer, John Lysak, Lauren Toohey, Sam Thorp & Mark Zingarelli. Plus more art by Mia Donna, Anne Michelle Lyons and Frank Knezevich. Saturday June 30, noon-7pm. Cleveland’s fastest growing, grassroots, arts-centric, eclectic, family friendly festival!
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PLUS! Art Battles! A 4-way art battle between Pittsburgh & Cleveland artists! Music battle between Grand Snafu & Cleveland Musicians! Movie battle between Pittsburgh 48hr Film Project and Cleveland 48hr Film Project! Don't miss it!
Directions to the Festival-> http://waterlooartsfest.com/

May 2012

Feaky Feathered Friday

May Unblurred
New work from by Lauren Toohey and England's Jon Howe

June 1, 2012 Grand opening of Stuff & Such Society. Buy , Sell , & Trade Culture in the basement of Most Wanted Fine Art.

May 5th

April 20th 2012

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April 7th 2012

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Most Wanted Jason Sauer featured in Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Read full article Here.

Check out Most Wanted in this write up.

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Beer Run: Unblurred Edition


December Artists: Jason Woolslare & Aaron Shafer

MWFA presents new works from Jason Woolslare & Aaron Shafer from 6-11pm. Woolslare provides a juxtaposition of imagery as he tries to emulate society’s visual noise in his artistic process. Jointly, Aaron Shafer illustrates the images that develop in his head while writing music. Grand Snafu performs at 9pm.

Don't Let the Scene Go Down on Me!

Members/ Ex-Members of Incommunicado, Endless Mike and the Beagle Club
Last Call (Las Vegas, NV)
Mighter Than Sword Records
Pentimento (Buffalo, NY)
Panic Records
Born Without Bones (Milford, MA)
Animal Style Records
Natural Disasters (Kalamazoo, MI)
Bermuda Mohawk Productions
Members of Brightside/ The Edukators. Oh, and they have a sax player also. Rad.

$5/ All Ages!

This will be our Thanksgiving show. Show up dressed as a pilgrim or an indian and get in for $4!!! Lots of touring bands on this one! Please come out and support! Pop punk and melodic hardcore fans unite!
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Friday November 11 - Julian Velard, Sharon Little & Dan Friedson

Starts at 8 pm. Admission $7
Get tickets here.

Jason Sauer and Christopher Sauer

Jason Sauer
Chris will be showing his newest photographs displaying architectural decomposition. Jason's mixed media paintings will discuss the history of natural resources of America. Wilhelm Winery will be doing Free wine tastings from 7pm-10pm. Grand Snafu performs at 9pm.

This is the 4 year anniversary of the opening of MWFA. This is the 11th consecutive year of hosting monthly art shows.

and catch Jason Sauer in St. Louis.
Oct 21st. He is the Pittsburgh representative at the Art Dimensions St. Louis, Cherokee Street Gallery.

40 under 40, and Demolition derby winner Jason Sauer, has an interesting tale to tell, with his freshest paintings, on an old idea of American natural resources. He is appropriating Hudson River school artists, because of the importance these paintings on American identity. Jason juxtaposes Edwardian nudes along with custom cut painted metal. The metal is cut in the shape of wind mill blades to use a metaphor for Americas wind power resource. American Natural clean green energy is sexy.

This Friday Sept 16th at Most Wanted Fine Art: Dean Cercone, Cesspool, and IKE.

Hey Filmmakers win a chance from Most Wanted Fine Art to see your movie on the big screen: Click here for more details.

Most Wanted Fine Art is hosting a group show for The Hollywood Theater in Dormont Submit your art work! Click here for more details.

most wanted international show

See a World of Talent at MWFA

These talented emerging artists: Gemma Allan, Maren Eline Aune, Martina Biccheri Sylvia K, & Sarina Meester will show along with Pittsburgh's Sam Thorp. These women met online in a music forum and over the years developed their creative talent and ability as well as friendships. Styles and content vary among the ladies who come from such places as Scotland, Italy, Holland and Norway.
Refreshments and music by Grand Snafu will fill out the evening.
Exhibition runs from: Friday September 2nd to September 25th, 2011.
Opening Reception: Friday 2nd of September 6pm- to 11pm
The Artists:
Gemma Allan is from Scotland, UK. She creates geometrically abstract compositions using a rhythm of color and shape. Samples of her work can be seen at: http://www.funkyness.co.uk
Maren Eline Aune is from Norway and is working on a photographic journal of personal issues and recovery through intense and confrontational self- portraiture. Samples of her work can be seen here: http://kaput0103.deviantart.com/
Martina Biccheri from Rome, Italy shows an incredible instinct for classical beauty even with non- conventional subject matter in her photography. Samples of her work an be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/temporary-22/
Sylvia K is a citizen of Italy, France & USA. Her drawings have amazing wit and charm. Samples can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sylviakart
Sarina Meester is from Holland and works professionally as a designer for major companies, but she still makes time to create art dedicated to her love for music. Her portfolio site is: http://www.exquision.com
Sam Thorp is form Pittsburgh, PA and has many art shows here as well as around the world. Her work is mainly figurative with a strength in color and portraiture. Her work can be seen at: http://www.graphicanatomy.com

Aug 5th - Charcoal Drawings by Kati Burgess & Michael Galone

As part of Unblurred 6pm- 11pm
Wine tasting by Wilhelm Winery
Music by Grand Snafu at 9pm

Saturday, July 16th - Retrospective: Love Letters by Jason Sauer

Time: 5:30PM Friday, July 15th

July 15th - Come see The Dusters and Dead Regret and Conor Scott live!

Most Wanted Fine Art presents a benefit for the Hollywood Theater

Artwork the MWFA crew and other local artists PLUS internationally celebrated master print maker, John Lysak. Music by DJ Liftkit and Grand Snafu. Short films by Chatham Spring Film Festival & 48 Hour Film Project. Opening reception is FREE, July 2nd 6-10pm

October Unblurred: Derby Cars and Skulls

Jason Sauer and Jason Angst, both international artists will be showing their newest images locally. Angst has broken ground with new allegory paintings whilst Sauer will be displaying his newest combine paintings. Angst has history infused with skulls and grand awareness. Sauer uses appropriated images mixed with oil pastels and the sheet metal from his wrecked derby car, literally bolted together to form a truly American viewing experience. Grand Snafu performs at 9pm. Free

8- bit Dance Massacre

Most Wanted has the hardest sound in Pittsburgh.

Article in The Pitt News

Penn Avenue: A neighborhood brought back to life
When Jason Sauer bought an empty storefront at 5015 Penn Ave., he and his friend Jeff used to sit out front with his German shepherd at night.....
most wanted fine art
Read Full Article Here.


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